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1965 :: Fender Pro Reverb
This is a great example of a 1965 Pro Reverb. Tremendous tone, fantastic condition and all original ..
Ex Tax: $2,595.00
1965 :: Silvertone Model 1481
Outstanding example of one of the more sought after niche amps of the 60s. The Silvertone amps have ..
Ex Tax: $495.00
1967 :: Fender Twin Reverb
One of the cleanest examples we've had in a long time of a Twin Reverb. All original major component..
Ex Tax: $2,895.00
1973 :: Marshall 1987 MKII 50 Watt Head
This amp is truly one of the best sounding Marshalls we've had in a very long time. This more desira..
Ex Tax: $2,495.00
1978 :: Marshall 1960A 4X12 Cabinet
Great sounding, great condition 1978 Marshall 1960A 100 watt 4X12 in custom color Fawn. Comes with o..
Ex Tax: $1,495.00
1978 :: Marshall JMP50 MKII 50Watt Head
Super clean, all original, more desirable 50 watt version of the 70s JMP series in custom color Fawn..
Ex Tax: $2,195.00
1979 :: Marshall 1960
Fantastic sounding late 70s Marshall 1960A in overall great condition. No significant tears or damag..
Ex Tax: $1,195.00
1980s :: Mesa Boogie 4X12 Split Back Cabinet
One of the more desirable cabs produced by the Mesa Boogie factory in the earlier days, the split ba..
Ex Tax: $695.00
1986 :: Marshall JCM800 2204 50 Watt Head
Smoking clean 1986 JCM800 in more desirable wheat grill front and even more desirable 50 watt 2204 v..
Ex Tax: $1,695.00
2003 :: Mesa Boogie Mark IV Combo
One of the most versatile amps ever produced by Mesa Boogie, The Mark IV has proven to be able to ro..
Ex Tax: $1,495.00